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Konkwest is a turn based, grand strategy game, where a multiplayer campaign takes a single session.

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Lead your country to global dominance!

Konkwest brings you the full grand strategy, world conquest experience in an easily understandable and highly customizable, novelly turn based fashion.

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Get into the conversation, connect with fellow enthousiasts, give feedback or help forge the path towards making Konkwest one of the best games of its genre.


You choose the setting! Each scenaio comes with historical / canonical countries. Some scenarios also begin with industrialized places, some don't. You can also choose to play without a scenario, filling the world with custom countries only.

  • Contemporary
  • Contemporary with united EU
  • 2000
  • 1900
  • 1700
  • 1300
  • Alternative countries only
  • Balanced scenario
  • Kaiserzeit 1926*

*This scenario is an alternate history scenario from a board game I made.

combined screenshots of three of the scenarios in the game


Custom countries

You rule your country as you want! You can rename the country, its regions, and its places. You can change its color and adjust its policies to your liking. You can develop industry whereever you like and you choose what your country's next moves are. It's all in your control.

screenshot of a custom country named 'Jean's Vineyard'

> 1000 Places

Each place can be part of one region and country.

Different languages can be spoken in a place, and they can have different terrain types and elevations, which influence the way countries interact with them. There are fields, forests, deserts, rainforests, grasslands and snow-covered places.

screenshot of the game where a place is selected and the user interface shows details for that place

Cross-platform Multiplayer

The game features multiplayer gameplay where you can play together with, or against friends all over the world.

Konkwest is first releasing on Steam. Obviously that is only one platform. Additional platforms will follow soon, and this feature will be available then.

Multiplayer services are powered by Photon Fusion. This popular networking solution ensures regional servers are available nearly at all times.

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Historical accuracy

In the development of Konkwest I have strived to achieve a high level of historical accuracy with the starting scenarios. Since I am a Game Developer and not a researcher by trade however, I am fully aware that there will be errors in the game. Please let me know when you notice something wrong. Maybe I can fix it in a future update.