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Konkwest Press Kit

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On this page you can find materials of the Konkwest brand. You can use them to promote, refer to, or report about Konkwest if you like.

Please don't alter these materials by changing colors or distorting aspect ratios. All brand materials are created by and under copyright of Vincent Creative Technologies / Vincent Busch. You must not falsely claim ownership of the brand materials or that you created them.

You can download all the images from this page using the "Save as..."-function in the right-click context menu.

Press Releases

Find Konkwest press releases on vct.one/press.


Graphics & Screenshots

Title Image

Konkwest title image


screenshot showing a player playing France screenshot where a player plays as a country called Gigachad screenshot where a player plays the Great Yuan screenshot where the UK's diplomatc map mode is shown screenshow of Southeast Asia in the linguistic map mode screenshot of North America in the terrain map mode


Konkwest Logo

This logo is used in the game and in other places where it's already established what the game Konkwest is. The first image is shifted so that, when displayed centered, the star appears in the middle.

Konkwest logo Konkwest logo

Konkwest - Arcade Grand Strategy Logo

This logo is used when it is not yet established what kind of game Konkwest is. Feel free to use the normal Konkwest logo if it fits better in any case.

Konkwest - Arcade Grand Strategy logo


K Icon

The app icon of the game. Corners of the space background may be rounded. There is also a transparent variant available.

K icon transparent K icon


These colors are the ones constituting the main color scheme of Konkwest.


This text font is Maven Pro. The font for titles is Grenze.